Unpacking a New Trend

Neubyrne is all about a passionate designer – Martha, who began her venture in 2015 as a hat company based in Richmond, VA. Fast-forward to 2016, Neubyrne relocated to Singapore and evolved into a lifestyle brand including clothing, shoes, and jewellery evocative of bright places and spaces. Through her travels, Martha connected with a production company in Vietnam that was just the platform she envisioned to merge fashion with giving back; the cornerstone that Neubyrne was founded upon.


Martha dreams of starting a fashion line crashed one week before her college graduation. The night of May 5, 2013, she was a front-seat passenger in a near-fatal automobile accident. Martha sustained a severed ear, broken ribs and back, and a traumatic brain injury. After a year of rehabilitation, battling short-term memory loss and impairment of executive functions, Martha made a miraculous recovery. Martha took this second chance to do what she loves, to communicate through a platform where she could inspire, connect, and create. Fashion became her outlet to inspire others to endure and overcome.

Inspired by her amazing real-life story, we decided to take up this creative challenge and gave this brand a new life. After all, it is about 'New-born'! We design the identity and make it look more iconic, along with the graphics system, packaging, label, corporate stationery & etc.


The result? Neubyrne; New You, New Trend.


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